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Continue with last project-[UNICORN GUNDAM - BUST Style] to finish whole set of robot, include the ARM, LEG, BACK and COCKPIT. In order to present the mechanism style, some parts don't full cover by outside armored. You can see the oleostruts at waist and mechanism at knee and ankle. All the joints are mobile like human. The origin idea come form the Unicorn Gundam of bandai. But it doesn't look like any other Gundum after several evolution. So I give a name to it - Courage (Perplexed Nexus).

Front view and Back view.

Weapons - Beam Rifle, Shield and Beam Saber

COCKPIT can be opened and the pilot can easy move-in and move-out. If you want to see the detail architecture and inside frame design please check my blog to see more pictures.

Back Pack
Head and shoulders can be adjusted to difference direction.
Movable back-pack can be expand to show out 4 Engine for fly style.
Lightsaber can close to back-pack for normal style.

More image can be view here