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Looney Tunes: Merrie Melodies Theatre

This is a classic old-timey theatre where the classic Looney Tunes can reinact some of their favorite moments in the Merrie Melodies series, such as Bugs' and Daffy's performance on stage, countless chases between Tweety and Sylvester and some of the most recognisable attempts of catching Road Runner by Wile E. Coyote (Super Genius). I decided that I needed a project for the summer so I created this in (almost) a month. Now, the reasons i think this can be a great LEGO set are the fact that the Looney Tunes are very timeless and iconic characters that we have never gotten before in LEGO so i can see any fan picking this up, the second reason is that you don't have to be a Looney Tunes fan to enjoy this set, it's an old times inspired theatre with diffrent and interchangeble sceneries wich expand on the playability and can allow for creative customazation.

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