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The Bluesmobile (40th Anniversary Edition)

“It’s 106 miles to Chicago we’ve got a full tank of gas half a packet of cigarettes, it’s dark, and we’re wearing sunglasses. HIT IT”
Hello and welcome to my LEGO mic of the 1974 Bluesmobile from the 1980 hit movie “ The Blues Brothers ” the car may not be the bat mobile but has many additional features and recreates that classic car. The features include
- the huge loudspeaker on the roof
- one can of explosive glue (strong stuff)
- 5 minifigs including...
- Jake Blues 
- Elwood Blues
- Jake’s wife
- Police trooper x2
the other Easter eggs included are         “ four fried chickens and a coke”
this set would retail for about $75-80 US and about $99-$109.99 AUS
I am not sure how many pieces I used but it would be around 250-300. This set is completely my design and is not to be copied the car took me about 2-3 hours and none of these are illegal building techniques. The Bluesmobile will live again We’re on a mission from god! Please help me get to 10,000K as this is my first I would not expect it but I think this would make an awesome LEGO set and bring fans from the Blues Brothers to LEGO 
Thank you!

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