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Kirby's Dream Build


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This set is based off the popular gaming series Kirby.
Kirby is a happy, family friendly series that's about Kirby's adventures on Popstar. It was first created back in 1992, and he's still here today!
When making this set, I did my best to incapsulate the games in Lego form as well as I could!
This set includes several iconic locations from the games including:

Dreamland: This is a floral grassland where Kirby spends most of his time.
Castle Dedede: The home of Dedede and his minions. He once stole all the food in dreamland and brought it here!
The fountain of Dreams: A mystical fountain that guards the Star Rod, and many more secrets.

This set also includes many iconic characters from the games!
Meet Kirby and his friends:

Kirby: Kirby's the pink puffball with unlimited power, and an unlimited appetite! He loves food, friendship, and sleeping. He'd do anything for his friends!
Dedede: Self proclaimed King of Dreamland. He once was greedy, but Kirby helped him become a better person! Now he helps Kirby along with his other friends.
Meta Knight: Mysterious Vanquisher of Darkness. Master swordfighter, and owner of the ship, The Halberd. Meta Knight values honor and hard-workers.
Bandanna Waddle Dee: A loyal servant to the king, and a good friend to Kirby. He'll always drop by to lend a helping hand!
Magolor: Friend or foe? We don't even know anymore! He tricked Kirby into giving him ultimate power through the master crown, but is trying to go through redemption for his misdeeds.
Waddle Dee: One of the kings many minions. They tend to not bother you unless you bother them, throwing spears in your general direction.
Waddle Doo: Beam attack!! Waddle doo is another classic enemy. He can shoot blasts from his single eye in attempts to stop Kirby!
Dark Matter: These creatures often appear possessing Kirby's friends or straight up attacking them. Watch out Kirby!

I made this set because I've been a Kirby fan for many years. I love everything about Kirby, from the characters, to the music, to the fan works!
I wanted to truly make something memorable to honor something that's made me, and many other people happy for many years.
I like Kirby, and I like Lego so it just kind of.. clicked!
Jayjayjay's Kirby set also gave me a ton of inspiration!
Thanks Jayjayjay!

It would be a huge help if everyone could support the project, and spread the word!
Thank you so much for reading!
Poyo poyo!

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