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Kirby's Dream Collection


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This set includes many iconic locations from the Kirby games including: Green greens the first stage, Castle Dedede Home of the evil King Dedede and his Waddle Dee minions, And Metta Knight's battle-ship, Halberd. This set works well for display or you can play with it using the props and alternate face-plates. I made this set because Kirby and Lego have both been huge parts of my life for years. Ever since I discovered Kirby I've been creating my own Kirby characters and stories. When I discovered Lego I started building all kinds of crazy locations for my figures to roam around in. When I put the two together.. It made this. I think this would be a phenomenal Lego set because it's a colorful family-friendly game that kids will enjoy and a classic that's sure to bring back memories for adults too.

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