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Nuclear Reactor


This is a Lego model of a Pressurised Water Reactor (PWR). It features distinctly colored parts to indicate the various pieces of equipment associated with the plant. The Reactor, Pressuriser and Steam Generator all include detailed interiors.

The Reactor (Green) has a removable cover to allow access to the Fuel Rods, each fuel rod can be removed from the reactor in order to "De-fuel" and "Re-fuel" the reactor.

The Primary Circuit (Dark Blue) travels around all the parts of the reactor plant. It shows the flow of coolant as it moves through the different processes involved.

The Steam Generator (Tan) is the part that boils water in order to make steam to run the Turbines/Generators. Inside are the heat exchange filaments where the hot Primary coolant transfers its heat to the surrounding water.

The Main Circulation Pumps (Light Blue) is what moves the coolant around the reactor. It has a detailed yellow motor on top.

The Pressuriser (Orange) ensures that the coolant is at a constant pressure, it uses a trapped bubble of steam to increase or decrease the pressure in the primary circuit.


This is designed to be an educational set, which details the interior of a Nuclear Reactor. Though it will also look good in a Lego city setup, or even as a display piece. It includes around 930 pieces in total and includes a mini-figure in a 'rad-worker' outfit.

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