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Stage and Studio: deadmau5


Lego Stage and Studio: deadmau5!

This is my Lego deadmau5 idea!

This set contains a stage for deadmau5 to perform on, wearing either his iconic mau5head, or a spooky ghost costume! The second half of this set is Joel Zimmerman (deadmau5 out of costume) producing music in his home studio!


Disclaimer: This is a fan project and is NOT officially connected with deadmau5 or any of his trademarks in any way. I created this set as a fan of deadmau5, and it was a labour of love!


Details: The stage features deadmau5 in one of his fancy suits on a stage with huge speakers and two blue lasers. The black areas at the front could potentially contain stickers or printed designs based upon the deadmau5 logo, or graphics used in his live performances. The deadmau5 minifig is standing on a rocker which may be pressed from the back allowing him to bob up and down in time to any track he's blasting out! In front of him is an array of buttons and another black tile which would ideally contain a cool design. He also has his laptop on his side, which may be picked up and held by minifigs. The ghost outfit is sometimes worn by deadmau5 when playing his hit 'Ghosts n Stuff', and when Lego deadmau5 is dressed as a ghost, he can can glow in the dark!

The studio has Joel wearing one of his trademark caps, with a set of removable headphones. He has a mug with him (probably filled with Tim Hortons!), which he can place on the desk. In front of him there are many screens, a big speaker, and synthesisers he's using to make his next greatest hit! Once again these black tiles could feature specially printed designs showing what's on his monitors. Looking around the back of the studio set there can be seen an array of wires and electronic parts! If you look close enough you might see a nasty surprise... Lift the little hatch, and inside his computer you'll find a mouse! You can relive the moment which led to Joel forming his iconic name.

Both halves of this set can be mixed and matched, so you can have Joel out of his costume up on stage, or any combination you can imagine! In total there are three minifigures: deadmau5 with blue mau5head, Joel Zimmerman in a red cap, and a Lego ghost.


I hope all fans of deadmau5 will enjoy this set as much as I do!

All feedback is appreciated :)

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