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Super Friends Hall of Justice

This Hall of Justice playset is loosely based off of the Super Powers Hall of Justice playset from the 1980's toy line. The white outside is based off of the Super Friends cartoon.

I designed this to be closed similar to the Super Powers Hall of Justice, as shown in the image above, but also to be able to open up and have a lot of play features.

The above image shows the opened up view.

There are two main sections divided by a wall. On the left side is a conference table where up to 8 DC super heroes can have a conference.

The right side has a holding cell monitoring station and two, removable holding cells. The thought being heroes would transfer criminals by actually moving their holding cell to their permanent prison, so as to reduce the risk of escape.

On the second floor are two computer stations to monitor villainous activity around the world.

In the image above, the wall separating the two main sections can be seen. The first floor of the wall has the double doors leading from the conference area on the left to the computer/prison area on the right.

On the second floor of the wall is the medical station with a bed and a healing chamber that can fit a DC super hero minifigure.

The roof has a landing pad for the single-person flyer superheroes can use when the need arises. The flyer's bubble canopy can be opened, as well as the two side doors, to let a hero sit inside. The two outer tail fins are rotated downward to act as wings when in flight.

Also, the elevator is built into the dividing wall for the heroes to reach the different levels.

The above image shows the left side, with the conference table that has the JLA (Justice League of America) logo on it.

I actually built the table first, to try and build it some time, but thought a conference table with no conference room was dull, so after looking at my Super Powers Hall of Justice playset, I decided to build a Hall of Justice set for my conference table. Funny how the motivation to build the Hall of Justice came from wanting to build a conference table to display my DC super heroes.

This side of the set also has a water dispenser, hey, even heroes get thirsty, as well as a camera monitoring the double doors, three clocks set to different time zones and two trees.

There is also a handle used to raise and lower the elevator built into the wall section. The handle is on a hinge that can be rotated to sit atop the yellow areas jutting out of the wall section so the elevator will stay on that level without falling back to the first floor. At least that's how it's supposed to work in theory. :)

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