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Theatre Stage


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This project is a little different from my previous builds as it is not a whole building, but an interior.

The stage features everything you would expect from a theatre; red curtains, scenery back drops and those all important spotlights and speakers. Box seating has been included.

I have purposely not included the seating tiers to allow for flexibility. A standing crowd, going wild for their favourite band, have no need for seats. A comedy night might benefit from more intimate seating such as chairs and tables. The majority of Lego fans should have sufficient bricks to create seating and tables as required. 

The curtains are on a sliding rail, allowing them to be opened and closed as desired. The rear back drops are on technic cogs, and can be moved left and right using two handles on the rear of the building. They slot in and out of place, so it's easy to remove and replace them as needed. There is two sample backdrops, but the tiles from these can be used to create back drops of your own. Again, many people will have plenty of spare 1x1 flat tiles and printed tiles to add to this, especially as Lego always pack spare small tiles in their sets! Maybe the set could even include a selection of additional 1x1 tiles and different scenery ideas.

The upper gangway is accessed by a ladder, allowing theatre staff to access the spotlights above. A small sound mixing desk and lighting control panel is located at the top. 

No minifigures are included as I see the theatre stage as a space where all those performing arts minifigs can show off their talents. A sound technician, lighting technician and stage manager could be added, but I'm not sure if they are needed. What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

Musicians, clowns, ballerinas and magicians all now have a place to work! Other minifigures such as the fairy, little red riding hood, witch and scarecrow have employment prospects in panto! The photos have some ideas of how some of the collectible minifigures could be used. 

With a little imagination minifigs from other genres can in on the act too. Here's a few ideas:

  • Knights and Castles could be used to recreate Shakespeare plays such as Macbeth or Romeo and Juilet.
  • Remove the side wings to create a school stage for the Simpsons.
  • Get those generic minifigs doing a street dance routine!
  • City workers will be able to put together an impressive YMCA tribute act.
  • Ghostbusters the musical?! Why not! 

What performance would you create? I'd be interested to hear of your ideas in the comments, it may give me some fun ideas for updates! :)






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