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Green Tri-Wheel Racer


This is a concept I want LEGO to come out with, so I engineered my own version of it for visual representation.

This project I made because I have always loved the idea of three wheeled cars, and I want to share my vision with the world that three wheeled cars are the future!

Because I incorporated some technic elements, the model is extremely stable and durable; it can withstand a drop from up to 5 feet, and when thrown, will mostly stay together and be ready to played with again after a short fix.

The cockpit may also open, allowing for easy transitioning of racers.

I suspect the model would be a huge interest for young children, seeing it as a futuristic model, and being something kids would love to race down their driveway or a slide.

Keep in mind that this is only my concept of what the car would look like; the initial model could change when LEGO makes the final product.

Thanks for checking out my project! Be sure to check out my other models on my account, and don't forget to support!

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