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Aircraft Flight Simulator with Training Center


This is a LEGO creation of an aircraft flight training device and flight training center. This set will consist of the flight training center (building) with will consists of a mezzanine (upper level) and a storage area (lower level). The mezzanine will house all of the computers and terminals that control the flight simulator. Additionally there will be a table and work area for the simulator technicians. The mezzanine balcony has the daily status  computer which informs the crew if the simulator is ready for training.

The Floor:

On the "floor" where the simulator is operated there is a computer terminal for accessing information from the simulator.

The Aircraft Flight Simulator:

The aircraft flight simulator is made up of three sections:

The "aft section" which hols the instructor operator station. This is where the instruction teaches the pilot how to fly. There are three screens in the instructor operator station to monitor the pilots training.

The "forward/visual section" is where the simulated aircraft flight deck is located. Here the pilot is in an exact copy of the aircraft he is learning to fly. In front of the flight deck is the visual screen where the computers generate a computer world for the pilot to fly.

The "top cap" is the top cover of the simulator. The top cap covers everything up.

The flight simulator itself can be constructed using the modular system developed by Lego. The aft section is module 1, the forward is module 2 and the top cap is module 3. The training center could be module 4.


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