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Cyberpunk Police Van


This is a police van.

It has some functions:

  • Openable cabin
  • Deployable ladder
  • Openable doors x2
  • Openable bagage

In complect there should be 5 minifigures:

  1. Commander
  2. Pilot
  3. Soliders x3

Set also includes:

  • Silencer x2
  • Binocular x2
  • Saw
  • Complect of weapons
  • First aid kit
  • Walkie-talkie

Inside ship there are:

  • Bench
  • Chair
  • Weapon holders
  • Some empty space

On photos you can see two vans, but set will include only one.

Hope you like it, if you have ideas of improving this set, write down in comments.

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