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Lego Cryptids

Welcome to the great outdoors! Forests, trees, animals, and... Cryptids. Some of the most mysterious creatures rumored to exist in this world. No one truly knows what they are, but some people claim to have had encounters with these mythical creatures. As a tribute to cryptids, I have created these dioramas of encounters with the Jersey Devil, the loch Ness monster, and Bigfoot. In the Bigfoot diorama, you can see the monstrous creature lumbering towards a picnic table with two cans of soda and a hot dog. There is also a trail that connects this campsite to the others. One of the trees in this diorama hides a nest with a baby bird and their mother. The reason I created this diorama is because I always pictured finding Bigfoot while camping. The next diorama is of the Loch Ness Monster, also known as Nessie. In this diorama I pictured a family camping on the coast of loch ness. The parents are talking near the fire, but the kids have spotted something in the water. The legendary loch Ness monster! This is my favorite diorama I made for this set, the water looks so realistic. (the kids are also punnet square accurate) and now for the final diorama, the Jersey devil in this diorama a family is pictured camping but are surprised when they notice the Jersey Devil take to the skies right in front of them! The mom is so surprised she spills her coffee and the kid is a little too focused on the mythical creature in front of him, he completely forgets about his marshmallow he was toasting, which is now on fire. At least the Jersey Devil didn't destroy their supplies, which are hidden behind the trees. There is also a feature in this diorama where you can control how high the Jersey Devil flies which is shown in one of the pictures for this product idea. If you read this far, I would really appreciate your support, it took me so long to finally complete this and I would love the money to help pay for college for me and my brothers. Thank you and have a great day.

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