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Space Western Repair Shop and Speeder Wreck

This set takes place in a world similar to Firefly i made the set around the scarecrow it evolved into a space western. Defend the Scarecrow class Farmbot from Space Bandits while it tells its tale of treachery and treasure. there would be a sheriff looking for the man who turned the scarecrow into a killing machine. This set would come with various bandits in a vehicle, a mechanic, female bounty hunter, a sheriff with a broken down speeder and pieces to reassemble the robot. This set would hopefully lead to other sets, some sets like the mad tinkerers lair, train raid, some town buildings, sheriffs office and the bounty hunters camp. This theme would have robots and possibly some aliens. Actually the aliens would be the humans, so there would defiantly be aliens and maybe some natives.

The scarecrows face will look like a skull has been poorly painted on, or like a sugar skull

The bin will be filled with various old robot pieces.

the sheriffs iron horse has an extra seat for prisoners to be hogtied to and dual skid plates

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