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Lego Chima -Attack of the Beaver Village


This is my very first project ! An idea for a new Lego Legends of Chima set, inspired by the TV series, The Attack of the Beaver Village. The minifigures (7 in total) may look a bit crapy, because I designed them on LDD. They include Sir Fangar, Stealthor, Breezor the Beaver, two beaver villengers : Buber and Bunic, King LaGravis and lion footsoldier Longtooth.

The set itself is 313 pieces big, and includes a mini saber-tooth buggy, an ice catapult, a big ice piece to freeze the beavers, and, of course the beaver village itself.

It as a camouflaged two-deck observation tower, with binoculars and a frying pan for long watching.

Behind the fence is a double tool storage pannel, and a table to elaborate plans. There is also a common kitchen with a carrot. Finally, there is a big catapult that can shoot about anything, including the beavers themselves.

If you are a Lego Chima Fan just like me, or if you like the project, please support it ! Leave me a comment with advice or ideas for an ameliration. Thank you :) !

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