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Tucker '48


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Hello everyone.

When I was young, I was fascinated by a car, the Tucker '48.

The production of Tucker ’48 begins in 1947 because his inventor, Preston Thomas Tucker, an American industrial man, wants to create a revolutionary vehicle.

Axis on security, the Tucker ‘48 must be equipped with a directional headlight, disc brakes, safety glasses, ejectable windscreen and security belts (compulsory accessories today, but not then). With a 2 tons weight, the car is propelled by a 6 cylinder motor in back position, coming from a seaplane(finally by a helicopter's engine), developing 166hp, with a maximum speed of 125 mph. This speed is possible by the aerodynamic shape of the Tucker and his low coefficient of trail.

Following many adventures, the Tucker ‘48 was built in only 50 units (+1 prototype), without innovative safety equipments.

Being greatly marked by this beauty and his history, I tried many times to recreate his complex shapes before achieving it properly with this one !

To reproduce this legendary vehicle, 215 parts were used.

I choose a 7 slots breadth for the front and the rear parts (8 with the tires and bumpers), with the central part in 6 slots. This size, perfect to add many details, allows it not to be too tall for the 6 slots cars, et not too small for the 8 slots cars. His length is 19 slots.

My Tucker ‘48 can contain 3 minifigs, the « reverse door » prevent the installation of fourth.

M. Preston T. Tucker is with his création.

I think the scale used will make a small set, accessible for all, an interesting vehicle with a short but no less rich history, a low cost.