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1986 Lincoln Town Car



As the most prestigious of the new Panther Platform in 1980, second only to the short-lived Mark VI, the Lincoln Town Car was rich with many innovative technological features unheard of at the time: keyless entry and trip computer, among others.  The Town Car was available in three trim levels: base, Signature, and Cartier.  In 1986, the Town Car's 4.9 liter "5.0" received a power upgrade, putting out 150 horsepower and 270 pound feet of torque.

As a lifelong fan and a driver of Lincoln Town Cars, I'd love to see the LEGO Company produce a model based on the icon of American luxury.  After all, only the best is good enough, unless you are a Cadillac fan.  Just kidding.

Lincoln: What a luxury car should be.

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