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Vintage Single Seater

This lego model is inspired by open wheel race cars from the early/mid 1900's. It demonstrates a high level of detail in a small, elegant package (Part Count: 200). I was able to incorporate a fully functional drivetrain as well as steering system in a car about 7" long. The virtual model is a slightly revised version of the original (seen below). I would hope to market this car as a low-medium cost kit in the Creator/Technic side of lego. While the model features a high concentration of detail, the design could easily be simplified to suit a younger audience or lower price range. Feedback, comments, and constructive criticism are welcome!

This is the first version of the car, created several years ago. It features a rougher exterior design but uses the preferred wheels (not available in the Lego Digital Designer).

The rear of this virtual model is significantly more sculpted than the prototype. I tried to recreate the smooth lines of vintage racers and incorporate details such as exhaust, fuel tank (seen underneath), a fuel filler cap, and some minor instrumentation details in the cockpit.

The side view shows the cars profile. The engine is a 3-cylinder technic model (a more authentic 6-cylinder would be size-prohibitive) with triple side-draft carburetors. Steering was accomplished in such a small space by running the steering linkage through the side of the engine block.

UPDATE: As of 4/19/2014 the wheelbase has been shortened, moving the rear axle towards the front of the vehicle. This is a more realistic layout but presented difficult driveline challenges.

The bottom view shows a bit of drivetrain detail. There is one bevel gear missing from the differential due to a glitch with Lego Digital designer, but overall the model is very complete.

To see the prototype in motion, please visit the following link:

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