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Blue Flash Starfighter


StopMotion of the Blue Flash Starfighter

Here is the link to the video I made which features the Blue Flash Starfighter. It's nothing really special and did not take much effort but please watch and support!


90 Supporters!

Thank you everyone for supporting my project. At the moment we have 90 supporters and 69 comments. Thanks to everyone for supporting, complementing, and following my project. Once we reach 100 supporters, I will post a video of my ship flying! (You'll see.)


Steps 1-30

You know what? If you want the instructions, leave a comment.:)


Middle Earth Minis

I wanted everyone to be aware that I have a new project which came out two weeks ago. I think this may be my best idea yet. Please check it out and support!


Another Rendered Photo


80 Supporters!

​For me, 80 supporters is a big achievement. Thanks to all my supports and remember to spread the word and keep on sharing!

Here is a sneak peek for the new project I should be releasing in two weeks!


Rendered Photo

Here is one of the many new rendered photos of the ship I will be releasing.

Thanks to Mr. Roy and all the other who helped me understand BlueRender!


I'm Working on a New Project

Thanks to everyone for supporting my project. I am working on another idea at the moment that is Lord of the Rings related. But I need help. I want to render my photos before I release the project but the ones I have tried have not seemed to work on my computer. Any ideas?

Remember to keep on sharing and supporting my project, as well as everyone else's.

Here are some builders I recommend...





and of course all of the people that have given their support to my project!

Thanks for all the help. 



I"m Losing Faith

I still haven't gotten to getting a rendering program for my pictures and I won't be releasing any of my other ideas until I get one to work. 

Honestly, after more than half a year of this project getting support, I am losing faith in the whole LEGO Ideas concept. My project will never reach 10,000 supports. It is only possible if you go crazy with social media and then the LEGO review will shut you down even if you get the 10,000. I'm tired that LEGO expects me to go through all that work so they can look at my idea. I've seen many different, amazing LEGO ideas that have never gotten to the review because the creator decided not to go on social media and spread the word to everyone. Very few ideas get to the LEGO review and the site only gives people a way to present their idea to everyone. I think that this could be my last action on LEGO Ideas. Good luck to everyone else... oh and support reekardoo's Grey Havens set. Please.

I want to thank everyone that looked at my idea and thought it was cool. Thanks for the support and nice comments!



I'm Still Here!

I have been pretty busy over the past month and haven't been getting to the things that I have wanted to get to yet. I still need to get a rendering program for my pictures. I also need to continue on building the ideas that I want to post. 

I added some rockets to the design as well (These pictures aren't rendered. I really need to get to doing that).

Happy New Year!

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