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Tyrrell P34


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This LEGO model is based off of the real Tyrrell P34.

The six-wheeled Tyrrell was one of the most radical entries ever to succeed in F1 competition and has been called the most recognizable design in the history of world motorsports.

At approximately 1:10 scale it is the perfect size for a scale model while still offering a great deal of playability.

has the following noteworthy features (

  1. Steering;
  2. Motor;
  3. gas pedal.

If this Tyrrell P34 were to become an official LEGO product, it would appeal to a broad audience, because of its realistic and complex design. It would also provide a new level of building difficulty in LEGO System.

If you wish that this was a real LEGO set or if you just like it I'd be happy if you'd support my creation and leave a comment!

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