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LEGO City Airport and Plane


The airport itself

The airport is more sophisticated than most of the other ones. It has a Doppler radar (see circled in red) instead of the rotating kind, and has an actual checkout counter (see thumbnail). There are things that aren't in any LEGO airport set, such as normal doors instead of rotating ones, and a place for people to actually sit while waiting.

The plane

The plane is warm gold. It has an opening door, and divisions between first class, business class, and economy class. The first class is high quality leather, business class medium quality leather, and economy class is fabric like actual plane seats (see picture). There are also doors between them. The plane is kind of futuristic, because as far as I know there are no aircraft with rear and wing engines. It provides more power, and the ability to takeoff and land on nearly any length runway.


Captain- wearing black, main pilot.

1st officer- wearing blue, assists the captain at flying

2 ground crew- assist in preparing and loading the plane.

dad- passenger

son- passenger


Pushback tug- brings the plane away from the gate.

Steps truck- the passengers get down using it if the flight bridge is taken

Baggage truck- transports the baggage to and fro from the plane and terminal.


I did use references from set 7894 for rear engines and main gear, and 3182 for nose gear and wing engines.

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