Product Idea

GT Boomerang Rapido - Pinchcliffe Grand Prix

Rudolf Blodstrupmoen and his partner in crime- i mean "psychic co-pilot", Mysil Bergsprekken, can't stand losing. Together they will do anything in their power to ensure victory. Sponsored by Snake oil and built after the "spitfire principle", their GT Boomerang Rapido race car can accomodate both Blodstrupmoen and Bergsprekken in sequential seating positions, much like a fighter plane. 

I built this set as a tribute to one of the greatest, and most underrated movies of all time, "The Pinchcliffe grand Prix", which holds a lot of sentimental value to me as well as many others who grew up with this classic. I also happen to like Can-Am cars, of which many of the Pinchcliffe grand Prix cars are based off.

I think this would make a great set, mostly because it's a functional toy car (it rolls), but also because of the fun characters and story from the movie (i mean the villain's car is literally sponsored by snake oil).

The car measures 8x21 studs and is built with a little over 250 bricks.