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Kung Fury


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This is my set for the 80s style action comedy film: Kung Fury, which has been released as a 30 minute version on Youtube.

The set contains 2 characters, Hackerman and of course Kung Fury himself along with his Lamborghini Countach car and Hackerman's equiptment which is used to send Kung Fury back in time on his mission. Hackerman uses his computers to code in the right algorithms to form a portal in the physical world for Kung Fury to pass through while standing on a levitating keyboard that Hackerman programed to take him across.

Summary list of things that are in the set:

  • Kung Fury Minifigure
  • Hackerman Minifigure
  • Lamborghini Countach
  • Computer desk with two desktop computers
  • Keyboard (was a Microbee in the film) with Platform

Extra Moveable Features:

  • The doors of the car can open upwards by sliding them vertically towards the front of the car, (can be seen in the 3rd Picture).

Total Peice Count: 258

Why I have chosen Kung Fury for Lego Ideas

I found out about Kung Fury very earlly on from when the trailer was released. I watched the film on the 28th of May 2015 when it was released on Youtube. I had started making the car for Kung Fury using LDD and so I brought it to completing over the following days from watching the film (Thursday June 4). The film had a very nostalgic feeling to it while also being very funny and action packed so I think it will make a perfect set since the characters in the film are so memorable typically Kung Fury and Hackerman which I have chosen to implement into my set idea.

If Kung Fury passes Lego Ideas then I believe that any potential future uses could expand to the Lego Dimensions category where it would go perfect with Back to the Future and Doctor Who since both themes finds themselves commonly set in the past and use time travel like Kung Fury.

I hope this sets meets your expectations. Any feedback and queries are welcome.

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