Product Idea

The Heart of LEGO: A LEGO Mold in LEGO Bricks

I am passionate about the LEGO brand and I am always looking for videos, pictures, information on their production and manufacturing techniques.

Working myself in the rubber industry, I know the importance give to molds in the manufacturing step.

According to a reportage on the LEGO Billund factory that I watched, the cleaners of these molds consider them the Heart of their society.

One day, when I was transport a mold from my company, I said to myself "It would be great if for once it was the raw material that made the mold and not the opposite! "

This is how I came up with the idea of making a LEGO mold from the parts they produce.

I created this project based on pictures, found on the internet, of a mold removed from manufacturing.

I chose to do the mold the plate 2x2 (ID Design: 3022) for size reasons and it is one of the oldest parts LEGO has produced to this day (since 1962).

This set should be appreciated by all AFOLs, collectors, as well as those who love industry, engineering and technology. It could be accompanied by an exclusive minifig which would represent a person who works in the maintenance of these molds.

Dimension :
Width : 33.7 cm
Length : 40.3 cm
Height : 19.2 cm

Number of parts : 2310

Thank you in advance to all those who will support this project.

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