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1955 Ford Fairlane Victoria


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Cruise the streets with style in the highly-detailed, minifigure-scale 1955 Ford Fairlane Victoria! This old-fashioned classic from the 50's was a member of Ford's brand-new line of vehicles: the Fairlane models, produced to keep up with Chevrolet's new and very popular Bel Air automobile. The Fairlane cars were the first Ford vehicles to feature optional seatbelts, factory-installed air conditioners, and panoramic windshields. 

This brick-built version has everything a car lover could ask for: chrome bumpers and grille, opening doors, accurate color styling, smooth design from the front to the back, roomy interior with a steering wheel and gauges, and (coming soon) opening trunk. The complex building techniques employed in this model account for its near-perfect recreation of the original using 182 parts. The entire model is 17 studs long, 6 2/3 studs wide, and 4 bricks high. 

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