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Classic Car Garage - Car Lift, Engine Hoist, Air Compressor & Toolbox!


The past few years have been great for fans of classic cars and Lego, with a number of great sets such as the Mini Cooper, VW Beetle and Lego Ideas own Caterham Super Seven being released. A quick browse of Lego Ideas will show a wide variety of brilliantly designed car sets; however, as any classic car fan knows, for every minute behind the wheel, five are spent in the garage!

As such, I've decided to provide a set geared towards the maintenance and repair of your favourite Lego vehicles, including;

  • A two-post vehicle lift, with variable arms and three different positions for your car to sit on,
  • A large mechanics toolbox, including an assortment of useful tools,
  • A large air compressor, for touching up any damaged paintwork,
  • A small car jack,
  • A hydraulic engine stand,
  • And finally (and most importantly!) a fire extinguisher in case of any small accidents!

I think this set would be a great way to display your favourite classic car models (in their natural environment!).

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