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Heroica Frontiers

A strategy game set in the universe of Heroica and inspired by the mechanics and disposition of set 3866 (Battle of Hoth).

Two main factions face in a challenging battlefield, with some impassable sections (rivers, forests and mountains) and a fortress, where the heroes wait for the call to arms.

The armies are simple but allow a variety of strategies during a game.

* General.
* Infantry units.
* Archery units.
* Artillery units.
* Cavalry units.
* Heroes.

I will gradually post the rules.

Thank you very much for looking at my project!

The army of Men, Dwarfs and Elves. Some of the units have decals that I made myself. The units are:
* General.
* Infantry (men, with swords, and dwarfs, with axes).
* Archers.
* Cavalry.
* Artillery (Dwarf great cannon).

The army of Orcs, Goblins and Night creatures. The units are:
* General.
* Infantry.
* Archers.
* Cavalry (one unit rides Scorpions and the other one a Giant Spider).
* Artillery (Orc ballista).

Game tokens and dice. The tokens and their uses during game play:

* Ships: Allow units to pass through the rivers.

* Compass: Allow units to pass through the mountain and the forest.

* Hall of the hero: Enables the permanent assistance of a Hero unit.

* Fallen warriors: Allows the player to replace up to four lost soldiers.

UPDATE: I've add new photos on my Flickr. Want to discover a really cool thing about the Fallen Warriors token? See this:


Game in progress.

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