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Escape Room Puzzle


Check Out 'Castle Escape' By Twoflat!

There's another great Escape Room project on Lego Ideas! Check out 'Castle Escape' by Twoflat to support and follow using the link below!

Packed with intricate details, an awesome overall look, and most importantly, a challenging and functional puzzle, this amazingly designed set is sure to impress. Not only that, but it's already reached it's first milestone, passing 100 supporters in less than a week. Good luck Twoflat as you rally support for your project and make your way to 10k!

In other news, thanks to everyone out there who has helped my own project reach 100 supporters, and a big shoutout to Silent Mode for featuring my Escape Room project in their blog. It probably wouldn't have made it this far without their help.

Till next time, Conducktor



Santa's Escape! Christmas Escape Room

A band of mutinous elves have locked their boss in his workshop on Christmas Eve! Can Santa solve the puzzle of his room to escape, and still deliver the presents by Christmas morning? Find out in this animated/filmed short below!

With Christmas just around the corner, a new festive escape room is being added to the mix. The Santa's Workshop Escape Room presents a brand new challenge, filled with misdirection and several hidden keys. It also features an awesome removable cabin façade, with a festive detailing and a snowy finish, making it a perfect holiday decoration.

Finally, a big thank you to everyone who's supported this project so far. Merry Christmas!

(P.S. Building instructions for the basic Escape Room building and the Detective's Office should be posted soon.)   



Building Instructions Anyone?

I've received a little bit of interest in building instructions for the Escape Room. Unfortunately, I designed this project without digital designer, so I would need to go through the process of recreating it online. However, if I receive more interest in building instructions, I will consider trying to create a digital copy of this set, and then coming up with building instructions in the next little while. Please comment if you are interested in this. If I do develop building instructions, I will look at posting them in a future update.

Till next time, Conducktor

Stay tuned for the Santa's Workshop Escape room, coming soon!



The Rest of the Gallery

First of all, a big thank you to everyone who has supported this project so far. Clearing 60 supporters in the first 5 days won't set any records, but it's still pretty good.

Next, the rest of the photo gallery for the Escape Room project is here! Photos like the basic Escape Room building without furniture, and close ups of the locking mechanism are included. Sorry for not getting these on the first time​!

Till next time, Conducktor


Missing Medieval Pictures Found!

Mysteriously, after taking nearly two dozen pictures of the Lego Escape Room, half of them never actually made it on to my project page- including all of the Medieval Escape Room Pictures! Unfortunately, I didn't notice this till well after my project was published. So here the images of the Medieval Escape Room- better late than never!