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Batman World - Batman's Quad & Robin's Heliraptor

Batman & Robin are back in town for new epic adventures !!
But this time, with new vehicles : Batman's ultra fast quad and Robin's wild heliraptor !!

*** My Own Creation, mini scale spirit ***

My Dark ages period is over :) , I 've just started to renew with my first love, passion : Lego bricks. And I would especially like to thank my children and godchild for letting me borrow their remaining lego bricks :) to build this MOC. Daddy will get his own soon ! :)

This MOC could appear a little bit bulky, rough, to some of you but this MOC means a lot to me as it is the starting point of some kind of rebirth : my AFOL transformation :)

*** Thanks, Take care, Kiseng ***

*** Batman World - Batman's Quad & Robin's Heliraptor ***

Batman's quad is armed with huge and powerful shotgun.

Watch out !! , batman is about to open fire.

Robin's heliraptor is quite equiped as well, with swing-wings and batarangs !

Swing-wings deployed ! Heliraptor ready to shift gear !! watch out !!

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