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The Profitable And Strange Museum

This creation is a museum. This creation cost more than 1600 blocks. This creation also has many figures. This creation has more than 16 figures. I think if this creation becomes the LEGO set, you can use this set to make a big diorama. This creation has five armors. This one also has a gun shaped block. This creation has three parts. First is a stores,second is a river with a bridge, and the last one is a museum. In the stores, you can buy a ice cream and coffee. In the museum, you can experience the farmer and fisher man. On the second floor, you can see the the ancient khights' armor and the scene that two people are fighting with a gun. Ahh, in the first floor, you can catch the sharks and a starfish.

I made this this creation because I really hope there will be one LEGO museum set. For this reason I tried to make a LEGO museum. The result of this project is this creation. I hope you like this creation.

I think this might be the great LEGO set because I want there might be one LEGO museum set. Then, why not others. Also I think this creation has a lot of brick and many figures. I hope you like this creation.

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