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The Beatles' Recording Studio


Guitars/George Harrison Update

Hey! I recently ordered some cool pieces from "". They are full of cool Lego Minifigures and accessories! Check them out!Two Acoustic Guitars

-George Harrison has a new facial expression.
-Two Acoustic Guitars replace the Flying-V Guitar.
George Harrison's new head.

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Minifigure Designs v2

I have decided to give The Beatles, their 1969 style and look. Little bit more recognizable!

Paul McCartney has longer hair; Black Tuxedo Vest and pants.
John Lennon has longer hair; Brown Furred collared Coat.
George Harrison has longer, wavy hair; Navy Blue shirt and pants, with a tan overcoat.
Ringo Starr has longer hair, parted; White shirt, Navy Blue overcoat, dark gray pants, brown belt.

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Minifigure Designs v1

I have redesigned the minifigures to their 1966 look, right before the "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" phase.

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