Product Idea

Medieval Cottage

For this model I have my medieval/fantasy theme, and have made a cottage! This model has cobblestone walls, a unique roof, a waterfall, a realistically sized tree, a peasant, and sheep!

In this scene, I have placed the roses in clumps, rather than scattered, so that they look like bushes. I have a nice and smooth hardwood floor on the inside of the cottage too, as well as a chair and a hanging picture! The path is made up of several darker colors including: brown, gray, and dark tan. 

The sheep are made from several pieces, as you can probably see from some of the pictures above. There are several different types of plants in this scene, to add color and life to the bricks. 

The waterfall is coming down from a small cave in the rock formation next to the cottage, and I have also placed several see-through pieces and clear blue round plates to give the appearance of bubbles and ripples.

Thanks for your potential support, and don't forget to check out my other projects!