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Pirate game


In this game you roll a 2-by-2 Lego brick to move around the island. This is a 2 to 8 player game. It involves logical thinking. You can explore a cave, a skull rock, a mermaid's lair, and a ship wreck. The goal is to get at least two of each treasures in your chest in the base. You can only carry one treasure at a time. You can steal  the enemy's treasures. If you and your enemy's paths cross and you land on your enemy (or the opposite ) you can send them to their base. At the beginning of the game, the ship start off by the docks. If you need to go to sea, hop on the boat. Only two characters on the boat. The brown team can only go on the brown and orange spots unless they are going to raid the black team's base (same goes with black). I might make another type of these games if I get enough supporters.


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