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The TV Gameshow


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Have you ever wanted your Lego Minifigures to appear on a TV Gameshow? Well, with this set they could. Spin the wheel, get the highest score and take home the chest full of cash! 


  • Take control of the TV camera and be the cameraman.
  • Spin the wheel and see what number it lands on, highest scoring Minifigure wins!
  • You could meet or even be the presenter of the TV Gameshow!
  • 3 Minfigures would be supplied: The presenter and 2 contestants (1 Male and 1 Female). You could even use your own Minifigures as Gameshow contestants! 
  • A set of 0-9 number pieces would be supplied so you could change the Minifigures score on their podium.

Potential updated features (if approved):

If this project was approved by Lego, I think a custom sticker for the set could go on the black display (at the back) with 'The TV Gameshow' written on. Additionally, a more high quality graphic could be produced for the wheel spinner.

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