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Lily's Wood Shop


Nothing beats having time to while away working on a project and your own space to work on it in. Lily makes the time in her busy life to work on her carpentry projects in her backyard wood shop. With a wood lathe, band saw, drill press, belt and disk sanders there is no project too big for Lily to tackle in her shop.

Lily's Wood Shop is a stand alone set full of creative potential. Each machine tool can be positioned or removed and replaced with other tools or creations as the designer desires and is easily accessible through the removable roof.

Details include;

  1. 4 independent machine tool models; the lathe, the bandsaw, the drill press, and the belt and disk sanding table
  2. removable roof with rafters an kitten chasing a rat and light fixtures
  3. exposed wall joists
  4. wood paneled exterior
  5. Lily minifig

I hope you enjoy this model designed by request.

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