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Teen Titans Tower


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The Teen Titans are a group of teenage heroes who keep the world safe from evil villains.But,when the Titans aren't fighting crime they like to chill out and relax in their awesome tower!


The tower is 7 stories tall, has 8 rooms, and is 655 pieces (including minifigures).I put the pictures in order starting from the first floor to the top floor (1st floor- cyborg's room, 2nd floor- robin's room, 3rd floor- raven's room, 4th floor- beastboy's room, 5th floor- starfire's room, 6th floor- gym and bathroom, 7th floor- living room and kitchen).I included a picture showing a look at how I made the top story floor be able to support it's self. I also added a stud shooter machine in front of the tower for a little bit of defense.

The picture of the red "technology-like lines" on the black background should be the pattern of the black part of the living room walls.

The picture of the black T on the grey background should be the design of all the doors inside of the tower.

The picture of the tracks on the bright blue background is a video game screen that could be a sticker on the big blue plate (a.k.a. the tv) in the living room, or it could be printed on.

And last but not least, I added pictures of the characters the minifigures were based on, so the lego group will know how to make them in the final product. I'm giving lego the choice whether or not to make a lego silkie, but if they decide to there's a picture of him.

Please support and spread the word on facebook, twitter, instagram, anywhere! Titans GO!

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