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Classic Plane


        This is my lego ideas classic plane project. I came up with this, because like many people, I wanted to add a classic feel to my lego city. This plane is based of classic planes from the 40's. This plane is also medium-sized so it would not be too large or too small, making a comfortable fit for many lego cities.Overall, the plane ended up being about 14 inches long and 15 inches wide. I think this would make a good product because it has a classic feel that would be good for many lego cities and it also uses the plane nose which I believe needs to be used more.

      The features of this plane are not many but here they are. The plane has propellers that can be manually spun. The plane has easily detachable landing gear. The plane also has an easily detachable nose to access where the pilot is. The plane holds eight passengers and one pilot and has about 280 bricks.



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