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Light Buggy

I bring to your attention a light buggy for conquering sandy and rocky deserts!

This small but realistic model made of Lego Technic elements is inspired by such famous rallies as Dakar, Silk Road and others.
The dimensions of the model (length, width, height) are 185 x 93 x 95 mm.

Question: Which wheel on the car does not turn when it is driving? Answer: Spare! But not on this car!

Due to its small size, it lacks Power functions, but, nevertheless, it implements such functions as steering - when the spare wheel located on the roof turns, the steering wheel and front wheels turn, and engine simulation - when the model moves in a powerful two-cylinder opposed engine, pistons move. To overcome long routes through difficult conditions of rocky deserts, the buggy is equipped with two spare wheels - difficulties may lie in wait for you on the way. If it seems strange to you to turn the spare wheel on the roof, and if you go on a short trip to the beach, then you can remove the spare wheel and control the car using a conventional gear wheel.
The robust construction makes the model suitable for gaming.
You can choose white, red or gray wheels to your liking. Personally, I prefer white.
Unfortunately, there were not several details of the right color, so instead of green and yellow, I would like to have white or red.

I think this small model, available for self-assembly and, hopefully, also affordable, will be a great gift for young dreamers from 6 to 12 years old who are in love with motorsport.

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