Product Idea

25th Century Mech - B450-VT "Greyhound"

It is the 25th century and mecha have become the dominant form of transport in the galaxy. In a time where human colonies have descended into lawlessness and feudal dictatorships, a new ray of hope has arrived - enter the neonknights.

The B series Mecha are introduced to bring more diversity to the mecha designs of the 25th Century Mech - REBOOT theme. These are the army builder units that would be used by tyrants and civilian governments to defend themselves against invading armies and armed insurgency.

If this were a computer game, these guys would be the canon fodder and level bosses the NeonKnights would face as they battled through each level.

Due to their "generic" nature, they are deployed by both the good, the bad and the down right nasty in the Galaxy of the 25th Century Mech -  universe.


Designation: B450-VT
Function: Rapid response specialist
Nickname: Greyhound
Description: The B450 series were developed in response to criticism that the B400 series were slow to deploy and while stable with heavy weapons, were limited in their effectiveness with rapid fire munitions. The Greyhound is faster than its predecessors both due to rear thrusters giving rapid acceleration and due to its quadruped frame. This frame also allows it to resist the recoil of heavy weapons more effectively, allowing for larger payloads. Visual scanning is vastly improved due to a forward mounted optical scanner placed ahead of the main fuselage instead of within it. Armour is equal to that of the Pittbull, which it is often compared to.
Weakness: Visual scanner is more exposed. Forward limbs are designed to function as feet rather than hands, making it difficult to support additional small arms, unlike the B400 series.