Theed Palace

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the main Idea of this set is being like the set 10188 death star: a playable/collectors set.

the set itself includes 1419 elements and 24 minifigures:
Padmé amidala (diguisse)
Padmé amidala (red clothes)
Padmé amidala (queen)
Anakin skywalker
Ric olié
Female naboo pilot
statue (X2)
Naboo guard
Captain panaka
battle droid (X3)
battle droid commander
security battle droid
Darth maul
Qui-gon jinn
Obi-wan kenobi
governor Sio bibble
Jar jar binks
viceroy Nute gunray
Darth sidious (hologram)
It also would include a naboo nº1 starfighter scaled to the hangar like the TIE advanced in the death star, a flash speeder and a STAP.

the hangar with the naboo Nº1 starfighter

the trade federation conference room and the throne room (the throne has pistols hidden like in the movie) and a little view of the waterfall

the epic fight of Qui-gon jinn & Obi-wan kenobi (only lightsaber seen) v.s. Darth maul (the beams have a hinge to recreate the function of deactivating

the weapon room (up)
and the part when they break the window (working function like in 9526 palpatine's arrest) and grap with the blasters' hook (here shown from left to right: Captain panaka,Sio bibble and Padmé amidala (red clothes).