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Combat Droids


Hello Lego Friends :-)

This is my first project done with the Lego Digital Designer.

These are two Combat Droids and one Assassin Gunman from a futuristic but not so far away world. They are a team and the Assassin is the leader. Together they are hunting bad guys and hand them over to the space police to gain some Space Dollars and save the universe.

The Combat Droid have full moveable body, head, legs, arms and foots. They are also equipped with a jetpack (you can see it from behind) and a rocket launcher (this is the part which stands up on the end of the head). The colored part in the head are the eyes. On the left shoulder they have a mini gun and in the right hand they have a sniper rifle (it's a bit longer than the mini gun). One Combat Droid is grey/black colored for night missions and the other one is grey/white for combat in snowy areas.

The Assassin has a blaster and because of his Ninja skills a Samurai Sword on his back.

Overall this action set is very easy to build and looks very futuristic. For me I really like the part, that the droids are only a little bit taller than a normal Lego figure. 

I'm Looking forward to your support, that these small droids will be built in the future :-).




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