Product Idea |

The Townhouse

The 2,683 piece Townhouse has intense detail and great architectural style.  From the bottom floor living room   
to an attic filled with a life time of wealth in gold ingots, (and a huge red spider to guard it), the townhouse is filled with luxury and detail. 
The ground floor is a living room with a coffee table with doughnuts and coffee, sofas, a bookcase, and a chair with a reading lamp.
The second floor is a dinning room and kitchen including a refrigerator, counter top space, a shelf 
with bottles, pots, cups, etc., silverware, and a table.
The third floor is two bedrooms. One bedroom has two beds, two lamps, and a table with an alarm clock. The second bedroom has a bed, a lamp, and a table with an alarm clock.
The fourth floor is the children's play room consisting of a small architectural city and two small, remote controlled cars to drive in the streets.
 The fifth floor is a bathroom and an air hockey table next to it.  Two doors lead to an outdoor deck. 
The attic has chests in it filled with gold ingots and jewels.
The townhouse also includes 4 minifigures.