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Beach-Side Shack


Sit back and relax at the Beach-Side Shack. Whether you resting in the shack, playing under the tree, or sunbathing on the shore, your sure to have a fun time!

The Beach-Side Shack is a set built on a 16x16 base plate, and includes a shack, a tree and a shore! The shack is up on 5 supports and has a cute little chimney on top, with windows to enjoy the view. Please note that only things built on the baseplate are included. To see where that is, check the photos above.

I built this set for all ages (but mostly children) who want to have a small 'castaway' set to play with their Lego figures. It is a cute set that you could add small animals to if your feeling creative. The reason I built this is because I have recently seen Castaway, and I wanted to make it in Lego. My idea shaped and shifted into having a shack on the beach, with a tropical tree nearby.


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