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Beetlejuice House


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For my submission to LEGO design ideas, I have created the large & hugely iconic Beetlejuice house from the 1988 cult classic film, directed by Tim Burton. It is a state-of-the-art creation that includes 3 floors, and a tower at the top. I've paid close attention to the details and made sure to include elements that fans would appreciate, such as, Delia's sculptures, the photos of Adam and Barbara, the armchairs, the staircase, dining room where they have their singing dinner party, the table in the attic where Beetlejuice is discovered, the pictures in bedroom, the bookshelf in Charles’s study where you can see various items, the handbook of the recently deceased and the mirror in the sitting room where Adam and Barbara first discover that they're dead.


My inspiration for creating this set came from the fact that I have always loved this film and I know that many others do too. This fun and classic set I believe is aimed at all age groups and anyone who loves the film. It has a huge following and the film has also been turned into a musical and brought to the Broadway stage - so it is still just as popular today as when it was first made. This stage version has won an award for best set design – I hope to show similar levels of creativity in this set. I'm 13 and watch and enjoy this film with my mam and grandmother, and we all love it, proving that any age group can enjoy it. I am a huge LEGO fan and I love recreating sets but also making my own creations such as this. I spent a lot of time and effort getting this right and I really hope you like it.


For the build, I started off with a grey foundation and then added the first floor. I watched and studied the film multiple times to get a full picture of what the rooms in the house look like. Throughout the film the style of the house changes from a traditional and old-fashioned style when owned by Adam and Barbara, to a more quirky and modern design when the new owners arrive and change things up. I liked elements from both styles and decided to incorporate elements from each of them into my build. On the first floor, I started off with the stairs which you will see have the more traditional look, and then worked on the kitchen which is in the Deets' more modern style. I then moved on to the sitting room and included the arm chairs and mirror from the Maitland's original design. 


The second floor took me a few attempts to get right. I needed to try a few different layouts of the rooms to get the look to come together. In the end, I put in four rooms, including, Charles' study, the Maitlands' bedroom, Lydia's room and the stairs to the attic. 


On the third floor I added the table of the town where Adam and Barbara discover the infamous Beetlejuice. I had to pay particular attention to getting this feature right as it's a huge part of the movie. I added the barn, the spider from the beginning of the film, the house itself, houses and other features. I also included paintings that were visible in the film in the tower. 


This set includes seven minifigures, including Barbara and Adam Maitland, Lydia, Delia & Charles Deets, Otho, Adele Lutz, Maxie and Sarah Dean, all of which are the dinner and séance guests. For Adam, Barbara and Delia's torso, I created a customized print and I also did customize skirt pieces for Barbara and Delia. For the rest of the minifigures, I used standard LEGO pieces.   
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I hope you love it as much as I do thanks for your support.