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Sienar Fleet System - TIE Defender - Collector's Edition


Hello, world!

I'm here to submit a personal interpretation of the fighter named Twin Ion Engine Defender (TIE Defender), produced from the company Sienar Fleet System (SFS) that comes from the Star Wars universe.

This ship does not appear so often in the movies and it's very difficult to see it from scene to scene but it's an icon in the videogames stories and in parallel animated movies.

The idea to create this model comes from my passion both for Lego and for Star Wars; I love to reproduce (or, better, to try to do it) items of the real life with "my" bricks and to try to do the same also for fantasy objects, such as spaceships (not only from the Star Wars universe), houses built to realize a simple idea (for example a specific kind of heater), robots and so on.

I do not find my projects so well done nor so interesting but, if these interpretations of the fantasy may give other ideas to other people, for me this is a reached goal.

This project has not yet been built in the real world but, while I'm writing, I've just received three of the four batches of bricks needed to build it; I plan to take the necessary time, with no hurry and no worries and to "give light" to this project.

The project counts 2996 bricks but I still don't know the size of the model materially built.

Furthermore, I don't know if, physically, it will be as I expect but I'll know it soon and I'll publish other pictures as soon as built.

For any reference to Hi-res pictures, you can visit my Flickr Album at the web page

I'm playing.

I'm also... dreaming.

And I would like to partecipate to the world of emotions that flow between the AFOLs that share this wonderful passion.

For any question, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you very, VERY much for any kind of interest in this idea ... and thank you to take part to this sharing of thoughts and of ideas.

Bye, friends!! :)

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