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Classic Formula 1 1990


Hello LEGO and motorsport fans! 

This is my take on an early 90's classic Formula 1 car in medium scale. It is not a replica of a particular car but it follows the regulations and the looks of F1 cars of that era, which was in my opinion the golden age of F1, featuring the most spectacular cars, the fiercest drivers and the most exciting racing circuits / circuit layouts.  But I digress. 

It consists of approx 440 parts, it is very sturdy, has functional steering, proper 1990 F1 aerodynamics, it also uses original LEGO stickers. Scale is approx. 1:18 

But you dont like red?  No problem! Make sure to check out the picture of the car in 3 other color combinations! 

If you wish that this was a real LEGO set or if you just like it I'd be happy if you'd support my creation and leave a comment! :D

Thank you! 

( - This is a heavily revised version of one of my earlier entries, my black & red 90's F1 car. -)

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