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The Thundermans Max's Evil Lair

This set is based of off the hit nickelodeon sit-com, The Thundermans. I love this show, so I really wanted to make a lego version of it. They are a dysfunctional family of superheroes, and they save people's lives on a daily basis. I would really love for this to be a lego set so, please support me. 

What I built is Max's evil layer from The Thundermans show. Max is a wannabe super villain so naturally he would have built himself an evil lair. The stairs included in this set, are supposed to be the stairs that take you upstairs and out of the lair. The blue bricks in the back represent a slide which Max uses to get into his layer. On the left, he has multiple devices which he uses for "evil." In the center, we have a bed which he sleeps on. Finally on the right, there is a rock wall that he uses to sneak out of the house whenever he pleases. The minifigures in this set are the entire Thunderman family. Hank (on the clear brick which is supposed to make him look as if he is flying), Barb (the one shooting an electric shock thing out of her hand), Phoebe (the girl that's sitting on the bed), Max (the one on the rock wall), Nora (the girl on the slide), Billy (the boy on the slide), and finally Dr. Colosso (max's physcotic talking rabit who is positioned on his cage in the bottom left corner).

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