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Nimble-One: Classic Design, Endless Possibilities!


Cosmetic revisions

Made some cosmetic revisions based on input from fellow AFOLs.  Front lights are built into the front allowing for longer wedges to cover the front frame.  Landing gear now uses skeleton legs on hinge for smooth deployment.  Some additional structural enhancements 

Also...a Blacktron edition!   Blacktron is known for pirating ships from other factions, here it looks like this could have been their ship from the start. 

More to come, including previews of the carrier ship that is nearing completion!


200... What?!

200... What?!

Firstly, thank you to everyone who has voted so far!  It's been a dream to create this very nimble space ship.  As for the inevitable question "what's next?", well... there's a tiny issue of building a carrier to support a squadron of these!  ;-)

Eagle eye supporters have pointed out (actually on day 1!) that there is a typo in the description.  "200 what?!" is the question I keep hearing.  Is it 200 sharks, 200 lightsabers, 200 purple space figs?  I'll let you decide - post in the comments with your thoughts on it :)

In the meantime, keep sharing this project out to your family, friends, neighbors, guy you see walking down the street.. anyone.  How cool would it be to have an affordable classic-space set for kids to build out their fleets?  


100 Votes, 110% Swoosh!

Thanks to everyone who has voted so far!

Minifigs everyone are eager for a ride in their very own Nimble-One.  You've helped us get to 100 votes in a day and that's amazing!  Now it's time to turn up the heat and blast off to our next milestone.  Help spread the word and maybe we can get a purple space fig to join the line-up of classic space figs.  Keep the engines warm, because we're on an ADVENTURE!

Special update coming once we hit 200!
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