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MN Portable Gaming System


Time to game on! This project is a custom Lego video game system called the MN Portable Gaming System. It comes with the system and two game cartridges (Tetris and Donkey Kong). The console has a joystick on the right which can actually move, and on the left are the buttons, touch screen and power button. The port for placing the cartridge is on the front in the fourth hole. The screen is the screen that show the home screen which is when there is no cartridge in the device. For the cartridge I propose that they are either printed pieces or stickers. I am currently trying to build a real life model and when I do I will post a picture of it. If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, feel free to leave it n the comments section. Please support this and share it on social media to help bring a new gaming system into your hands! Copyright for Donkey Kong goes to Nintendo. Copyright for Tetris goes to Nintendo, the creators and any other publishers of this game.

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