Product Idea

Never Ending Story

A Never Ending story came out in 1984 and was written originally by Michael Ende and co-written for the big screen by Wolfgang Peterson.  The film is based around a boy named Sebastian who reads a magical book that tells a story of a young warrior named Atreyu whose task is to stop a dark storm called the Nothing from engulfing a mystical world named Fantasia. I was 10 years old when it hit theaters, and like many from my generation it found a special place in my heart. A story that really centers around the essence of being a young and having an imagination.

Sebastian the main character he is a young man who is struggling to adapt to life with his strict father after his mother passes away, and books are an escape for him as he has read several classics, as stated in the film when he sneaks into an old book store to get away from bullies chasing him. There he encounters the book store owner who leaves the book out hoping Sebastian would take it while he was attending to a call and he does, and the story begins. 

The true meaning of this story is we create worlds in our minds that exist on different plains of reality, and we are all connected from our world across to the ones we create in our own minds. We are not the first born, or will any of us be the last to pass, as we are all just caught in the middle of our own never ending story.

One thing that really makes this set unique, is the fact I constructed the Ivory Tower in translucent bricks, minus the rock face it sets in-between just like in the film. 

Fact is, after all the pictures I have looked at this tower, and as many times as I have watched the film for research, I can not get a good visual of the castle. As it appears to be nothing more then for lack of a better term cascading light. Also the only part of the film which takes part in the tower, is in the top open air chamber, see picture number 12, or the empress's chamber. So my idea was to build it all in translucent pieces and then later add some lighted bricks in stratigic locations throughout the tower, so as to create some amazing colors of light shinning through the bricks, creating some what of a prism effect. Something no rendered picture I can ever produce would give proper justice to, even if I had access to a lighted brick feature in the Lego digital design program I use to create my build concepts.

I have searched google and Lego Ideas and I have not been able to find another translucent castle, so if anything its one of a kind. 

My eye sight is failing me at 44 now even with high prescription eye glasses, and I would not have been able to build this tower if I did not first do each level in blue, so as too be able to line up the bricks, then change color to translucent pieces there after. I pre selected only the pieces which also have a translucent version. 

Set includes as follows and is 2922 pieces total. The Ivory tower is about 1600 pieces, Falcor is around 1000, the Rock Bitter is 215 pieces, and the Racing Snail and Bat Rider are both around 50 pieces each with their riders.

1. Falcor the flying luck dragon at just over 1000 pieces alone paired with his partner Atreyu as seen in picture number 3. His lower jaw is hinged and he has a couple of rows of teeth that are hard too see in pictures, just the upper row just like in the film. His legs are hinged in two places and he is segmented so you can pose him in many ways, and his ears are of course hinged as well.

2. The Rock Bitter from north Fantastia as seen in picture number 4. He wanted me to tell you all he found a very tasty limestone rock with a dash of quartz.

3. The Bat Rider and his trusty bat from south Fantasia, as seen in picture number 6.

4. The man with the top hat and his Racing Snail, as seen in picture number 5.

5. The Empress, and her assistant who calls on Atreyu to help save all of Fantasia from the Nothing. Both are pictured in the final picture number 12.

6. The Ivory Tower is built on three levels, including the main sector via upper chamber. However each of the 3 levels inside the tower have 2 open panels left open on backside for easy access to inner workings of tower. Where as one can decorate any way these see fit, add characters inside etc.. Fact is I was running out of pieces, and anything I placed inside the castle threw off the visual effect I was going for as again I wanted to build this with interior lighted bricks to creat a cascading light effect. All be it the figures or objects do look neat inside the castle, as if they are literally floating in mid air. Lego could easily break this up into smaller figure sets and box the castle alone and decorated inside in solid or colored translucent pieces for example if they chose to if by some miracle this actually gets 10,000 votes and they like the concept.

I hope you all like this build as much as I enjoy building it all over the last few weeks and as always drop me a link for a build concept anytime.