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Rock & Roll Band Concert Stage


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Join "Pickles" and "Tommy Leego" on stage at sold out concerts around the world! 

This is an arena worthy Rock & Roll stage that has everything you need for a rock show to take on tour.

This concert stage features:

- Stage lights that can be positioned anyway you like
- 2 tier stage for running up stairs and scissor-kicking your way down!
- Giant double kick drum set complete with cowbell on its own drum riser!
- 1000 legowatt speakers positioned beneath drum riser to power Pickle's flying V's
- Hydraulic risers that move up and down for a rock star entrance
- Mic stands for band members 
- Pyro that can be removed and positions changed. Great for stop motion animation :)
- Lights on back wall can be swapped to make different designs or colours!

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